Lash Extensions

Want to know more about the different types of lash extensions?

Classic Volume

Classic Eyelash Extensions are a process where one synthetic lash is carefully attached to one of your natural lashes. Before your treatment starts you will be consulted by your Lash Artist to determine which length, thickness and curl best suits your natural lashes to achieve the look you are after. Once the right lashes are selected our lash artist will use a premium adhesive to attach each of the lash extensions. The Classic Set is recommended for those with fuller natural lashes as the fullness depends on how many natural lashes you have. The Classic Volume Set is suitable for those looking for a more natural look.

Russian Volume

The Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are the latest and most popular eyelash extension which is a process where several synthetic lashes are carefully arranged to form a handmade fan, each soft and lightweight fan is then attached to one of your natural lashes. As with the Classic Set your Lash Artist will consult you on the suitable length, thickness and curl for your natural lashes. Again, using a premium adhesive each fan will be attached. This method will give you greater volume for that fuller, darker, dense, fluffy look. The Russian Volume Set suits almost all natural lash types.

Please note a patch test is required 24-48 hours prior to any tinting or lash extensions!